On Mission Celebration 2016!

In partnership with the Upper Peninsula Baptist Association, the North American Mission Board, and the International Mission Board we are bringing four domestic and international missionaries to Ironwood. Starting this Sunday the 18th, four missionaries will share their stories while motivating others to answer the Great Commission. Please come and hear these missionaries speak and describe their experiences. It just might fire up your heart for non-believers world wide.

This is a great chance to hear about their “call” to missions, their struggles, their successes, and what it is like answering the Great Commission at home and abroad. When the visiting missionaries finish telling their story there will be a question and answer, so if you are curious about what it is like to bring the gospel to others, please come, listen, and ask your questions. Do you know there is not a single baptist missionary in the entirety of Ireland? You just might be the one to bring the gospel there.

Location: Catalyst Baptist Church, 222 E. Aurora St. Ironwood


On Sunday Morning the 18th at 11 Ryan Booth, Domestic Missionary

Sunday Evening the 18th at 6PM George Gera, North Africa and Paris

Monday Evening the 19th at 6PM Jeremiah Brinkman, New York and

Tuesday Evening the 20th at 6PM Bryan Wolf, Chile