September 2016 Book of the Month

This month is a special recommendation. This book took me an extended time to read because the material is condensed and scary. I constantly found myself thinking how far we have fallen from where our Lord and Savior wants us regarding war and our support for aggression and imperialism. Laurence Vance’s book, Christianity and War: And Other Essays Against the Warfare State will challenge all believers to question their faith in politicians, politics, and people over and above God.

Please consider buying this book and keeping it on your coffee table where people will see it. I will guarantee it will launch many fruitful conversations. Just be prepared for hurt feelings, because believers have been twisted to support war, left and right. If believers would read this book and challenge their personal beliefs with biblical truths, the world would change overnight because Christians would cease carrying the trumpet off to war and would stop sending their sons and daughters into the meat grinder.


I leave you with one thought and challenge. I think the vast majority of believing Christians considering themselves evangelical and conservative will refuse to read this book because it might shine light into a dark place. This dark place is full of nationalism and there is no room for the Good News of Jesus when we are beating the drums of war.