Did You Feel That Drop?

This week we told the story of Noah in Gen 6: 5-22. This is a great story and one that is popular with all age groups and most people are aware, at least tangentially of the story. There are interesting parallels in the story of Noah and the interesting times in which he lived.

  • Man was getting more and more corrupt
  • Man was eating, drinking, and marrying right up until the moment the rains started, totally oblivious to their levels of degradation and sin.
  • God was set to destroy the world because of man’s sinfulness.
  • God found favor with Noah and decided to save Noah and his family to kickstart humanity post flood.
  • Noah did not question God, when God told him to build an ark, he built one.
  • Imagine the effort of God to get animals to travel to the Ark so they could be saved. I love the imagery of this evoked in the mind.
  • Much of the world shares the flood story. It is a common thread to human kind.
  • From the beginning, we were wicked.
  • When people lay claim to the “good ol days,” they never existed except as a figment of our wishful thinking.

So what can we really learn from this story? One of the things that we need to realize is, we are not getting away with anything. Just because it happens behind closed doors or no one is there to witness it, when we sin, God sees it. Our sins are clear and evident to God and we are only fooling ourselves to think we are getting away with it if we do not get “caught.”

God is showing us great mercy to tolerate our sin while also providing Jesus to save us from them. God promised not to destroy the earth again and He has honored that promise. Not only has God honored the promise, He provided the means to counter our sin and reconcile the gap between Him and ourselves. So just as they were eating, drinking, and marrying in the days of Noah up until the first drops fell, so we are today until Jesus return. Totally oblivious to the sin around and in us, but thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem us from damnation.