Mission Support Success!

We began hanging an Amazon banner and asking our supporters to shop through the Catalyst link back in April. I wanted to let you know this has been a success. Catalyst Baptist Church is probably not going to earn enough through the Affiliate Program to support a lot of missions, but we are offsetting some expenses and I wanted to offer a heartfelt thank you.

  • In April Catalyst earned $13.92. This was paid out last month and deposited in the account.
  • In May the Affiliate program brought in $12.71. I expect this payment in the next week or two.
  • June was a bountiful month. Catalyst earned $18.63 from the purchases of our supporters.
  • July is not shaping out so nice. We are scheduled to earn $1.72 in July. I am guessing people have either forgotten to use our link or they all went on vacation.

As you can see. We have almost earned $50.00 since April that we otherwise would not have had. The Affiliate Program is wonderful and I thank all of our supporters for remembering Catalyst and Shopping through the Mission Support Funds link on the web page available here, https://catalystbaptistchurch.wordpress.com/mission-support-funds/. Remember, once you click on the link a small Amazon picture will open and then you click on that picture and whatever it is you buy  will not cost you one penny more, but Jeff Bezo’s and his friends will help Catalyst.

Thank you and may God bless what is left of your summer.