You Gotta Have Faith

In the story contained in Mark 5: 24-34, we read about a woman that had suffered for years under the care of many physicians due to a discharge of blood carrying on twelve years. This unfortunate woman spent all her money on cures and was no better off than when she started, instead being worse off. She believed in Jesus though and her belief was strong.

This suffering female knew that if she could just touch the garments Jesus is wearing she would be healed. She braved a crowd and reached out, touching his clothed. At this point power left Jesus body and healed her of the discharge immediately. Jesus inquiring who had touched him did not see her and the disciples said the crowd is pressing around and Jesus wants to know who touched him? They of course did not know that a person of great faith had touched his clothed and been granted a miracle.

The healed woman though came to Jesus out of the crowd, trembling and falling down in front of him with the truth of her condition and what happened. Jesus says her faith has made her well and she should go in peace and healed of her disease. Again, it was her faith in Jesus that cured her.

This leads one to wonder:

  • How could her faith be such that she was healed?
  • how does such faith get returned to us as believers?
  • How can we get this kind of faith in people today?
  • Where is the active faith on display here where she just knew?

We have a challenge today for people to learn, understand, and love Jesus with this kind of faith without seeing Him personally. I am reminded of the man we often refer to as Doubting Thomas in John 20: 24-28 that said unless he witnessed the marks in Jesus hands and feet he would not believe He had risen. Eight days later the risen Jesus appears to the disciples and asks Thomas to touch his wounds and afterwards Jesus says,

“Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” This is the kind of faith we have today and it is a true blessing. We may not have our Lord and Savior walking physically with us today, but we are blessed to believe in Him anyways.