Gleaning For a Husband

Last week Stephanie had the Book of Ruth. This is a short story in the Bible but it really packs some life lessons in there under our noses. Without rehashing the whole story, Ruth demonstrated great loyalty to her mother-in-law Naomi by staying with her. When they returned to Israel in a state of destitution, Ruth gleaned chow out from a family friend of Naomi who noticed her, watched her, and took  special interest in her due to her faithfulness and loyalty to Naomi.

There was another claimant to Ruth based on their culture and everyone knew this. This family member was expected to marry Ruth and father children for her that would continue the line of her first husband. The family member did not want to invest the time and money into a woman and family that he could not claim as his own and would cost him money, but Boaz did not have these concerns. Boaz ensured the first claimant had the option to marry Ruth and when he declined Boaz stepped up to the plate and redeemed her. Securing her future and the future of her children. The line of Jesus was secure!

There is lots more details in the story itself, but some of the things we identified in no particular order:

  1. God honors our faith with provision
  2. Even in our disobedience, God provides.
  3. Naomi and Ruth stayed together as mother and daughter. They formed a bond and gave us an excellent model of how an in-law embraces their new family member as their own and the new family member embraces the in-law as their own.
    1. Stephanie and I felt this was an excellent example for us to follow with Autumn, G-reg’s new wife. Perhaps if G-reg and I are killed the two of them will bond together and prosper.
  4. Boaz demonstrated great kindness and charity in looking out for Ruth and Naomi, this is a rarity indeed today.
  5. God provided for the eventual birth of His Son through this line/union.
    1. We often can see only so much of God’s plan, but we must remain secure that God has a plan and we have a small role in it.

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