John & Kate Denner Concert


John and Kate arrived with their family and began setting up the stage for the concert. It is clear the family business is both family and business. The roles were defined and the method concise. It took very little time to move in and turn Catalyst into a venue for a concert. It was nice to see the Denners come right in and get busy.


My unspoken goal was for 32 people to come and watch the concert. As such I laid out 34 chairs. With the walk ups we had 32 on the nose, if you count everyone. I either need to pray for more (certainly), dream bigger (definitely), or raise my expectations of what God can do in His power (indeed). I am thinking I should have been praying for 50 and watched God pack Catalyst with newcomers and visitors. I guess we will just have to chalk it up to my pragmatism being the limiting factor because the greatness of God cannot be contained.

As great as it is to bring people from different backgrounds together and different church bodies, some of the real fireworks happened after the concert. While I did not plan it this way, as I was trying to help break down and pack the equipment I ended up getting into some good conversations.

First with the local Gideon’s representative. The Gideon’s have always been focused on sharing the Gospel and spreading the Word. One of the elements of this ministry is of course with the free Bibles they hand out, but also serving, and witnessing in their community and world-wide. In our area what we need is a new witness to help Douglas and learn the field. So if there is an able-bodied dude with some business acumen and a degree, please contact Douglas (715) 476-9178 or myself if you have any interest in getting involved in this ministry.

The second interesting thing to occur was I finally met the pastor over at Range Community Bible Church. We had not officially met, so it was a blessing to have Pastor Harris come to Catalyst for the concert. Perhaps some doors in the future will open from this engagement and interaction.

The third and possibly most explosive thing to occur happened much later after the musicians were gone and almost everyone had departed. Six of us were left discussing our community and the work of God in our midst. Six professing believers with a heart for their community discussing some of the problems we face. We agreed to begin addressing those problems because anyone can talk about problems, but we as Christians have a responsibility to address problems. If we ignore problems have solutions and only discuss them as problems they never get fixed and lives never get changed. In doing that, we become part of the problem.

So please pray for the six of us as we come together to create a new ministry in this area to reach out to our recovering addicts. Nothing is too big for God and He is most definitely needed to make a difference in this area.

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