Worth Her Weight in Gold

This week Ms. Sarah delivered the story involving David, Abigail, and Nabal from 1 Sam 25: 2-42. Nabal had many possessions and sheep. His greatest possession though would be his wife Abigail and he had no idea. Nabal was not a pleasant dude. Now David and his men had watched over and protected Nabal’s men and his flocks. Word gets to David that Nabal is shearing sheep so he sends a ten man contingent to Nabal seeking favor and chow.

When Nabal hears about the men that have come from David he asks, “Who is David? Who is the son of Jesse?” and makes some comments about people breaking away from their masters. A clear reference to David being an enemy of Saul and clearly we can discern Nabal is throwing his lot in with Saul, the king.

David’s men return and inform him how Nabal acted and treated them and David reacts as you or I might when something happens we were not expected. “Every man strap on his sword!” David and about 400 dudes begin marching on Carmel to kill Nabal and all the men under his care. Abigail, Nabal’s wife, hears about David and his men on the march to kill her husband and realizes how big a fool Nabal is. She grabs 200 loaves of bread, a couple skins of wine, some grain, two hundred fig, and five dressed sheep.

Abigail prepares the feast for David and his men Nabal was supposed to originally and loads it on some donkeys. When Abigail approaches David she gets off her donkey and falls at his feet. She says all the blame is hers. She did not see the men so they met with her fool of a husband. If she had seen them none of this would be happening and if David would just forgive her and accept the chow God will make her house a sure house. It would free David to fight the real fights of God as the prince of Israel.

David blesses her and forgets his plan to kill Nabal and his men. Ten days later Nabal dies, having heard from Abigail how she saved him and his men his heart turned to stone. David sends men to her when he hears she is a widow and asks her to become his wife. What Abigail did not know is God just fulfilled the security she asked for in her home with David as her new husband.

  • Abigail provides us a great example of perseverance. We can rest assured her husband was a fool long before this episode and she probably saved him many times.
  • Husbands, we need to watch our tongue and our behavior. Being a bad husband does not help anyone and is a terrible witness as a believer.
  • Our marriage vows may not be easy, but God does reward us for honoring them.
  • One spouse can redeem their mate. (You are welcome Stephanie…, lol)

So would benefit from this story? One group we decided would really benefit from this story would be a couple in marriage counseling. We have a model in this marriage of what not to do and what to do and it would be beneficial for people to read, discuss, and learn before getting married.