Who Am I?

Saul offered his daughter to David in 1 Sam 18: 17-29. In doing so he asked David to fight and be valiant for him. Saul was not thinking of his daughter or David, he was hoping to use the Philistines to kill his son-in-law and rival. David responded to the offer of Saul by saying, “Who am I…That I should be son-in-law to the King?” Saul gave Merab to Adriel instead.

Saul learns his other daughter Michal is in love with David and he sees another chance to trip David up and get him killed fighting the Philistines. Saul sends a delegation to David to inform him Saul and his people love David and Saul wants him as son-in-law. David responds again that he is poort and has no reputation and when Saul hears this answer the trap is set. Saul responds that he does not want a bride price, instead wanting the foreskins of 100 Philistines. Saul provided David the means to gain a reputation while also expecting him to die in the process. Everyone wins!

David was so stoked he went with his men and killed not just 100, he killed 200 Philistines! He brought the foreskins and gave them to Saul. Can you imagine carrying 200 of those? I do not think that would be much fun. Upon receipt Saul gave Michal to David and was even more afraid of David, seeing the extent that God was with him. David’s name just kept growing in fame as he had more and more success against the Philistines.

This is an interesting story. We might consider what does God want me to learn from this?

  • Saul was an unrighteous king
  • God’s will be done
  • God can turn evil to good
  • David would succumb to the same sin as Saul when he had Uriah killed as he remained in Jerusalem.

But who would benefit from this story that we might run into? A person with a fractured family would benefit from this story as they learn to trust God, which is almost all of us. There is another lesson though, we do not need to let our circumstances dictate our behavior. We are free to react or not react to our circumstances, but we are not free to behave in any way we desire.

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