Ironwood Citywide Garage Sale

Saturday the 21st of May, Ironwood sponsored a citywide garage sale. As a church we came together to not only sell our stuff to raise funds for our upcoming concerts, but also to expose people to Catalyst and where we are. With those two goals I have to say it was a highly successful weekend. I was surprised at the number of people that had no idea we were downtown and a functioning church. Only a handful of people knew about us before Saturday, so we really got a positive vibe out at the garage sale. Over 90 people that had never entered our door before visited Catalyst to shop. I handed out over twenty Good News For You bible studies, Three Circle tracts, and “You’re Invited” cards in shopping bags.


We cleared a lot of product and made some people really happy. There was a young pregnant lady preparing a Winnie the Pooh themed nursery. She walked out with over five bags of Pooh gear and a vacuum cleaner. It makes a person feel good to know we could help so much. There was another young man that liked the 1997 NBA collectables we were selling as seen below. These were really nice and I kind of had a hankering for them myself as the NBA was still worth watching back then before it morphed into the abomination it has become today.


I would like to give a few shout outs and a blanket thank you. First of all, my sister and mom worked with me on Thursday evening to set everything up and price the items. They joked upon leaving I still would have been working on doing this Saturday morning if they had not helped and they were right. These two jumped right in, stormed the hill, and came home victorious, dragging me along with them in the process. Without their efforts to set up, we would have failed, no doubt. So thank you.

I would like to give a general thank you to the friends and members of Catalyst that donated their goods and material to the sale. We had a wide assortment of collectibles and fine items that really moved off the shelves. We sent many people home with smiles on their faces. Who does not want to see people leaving their church facility with smiles. Although that kind of sounds bad doesn’t it… They were not smiling because they were leaving, they were smiling because they were pleased! So thank you to everyone that contributed their possessions to this sale. It went fabulously and I look forward to doing it again next year.

I would like to give a special shout of thanks to my mom and Aunt Peg. My mom spent almost all day with me working the sale. She constantly reorganized the tables and moved product after customers and then gave a huge boost when it was time to pack up. She boxed up almost everything, which freed me to just carry the heavy loads to storage. Thank you Ma! I would also like to thank my Aunt Peg for spending half the day with us. She assisted in many of the above mentioned activities and worked to actively share who we were and what we were about. So, I am giving a special shout to both of you, thank you very much for making Saturday happen.

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