The Family Saga Continues

This past week our Bible Story focused on Genesis 27. In this story Jacob received Esau’s blessing from multiple acts of subterfuge. Esau, as the first born expected to receive his father’s blessing, which would not make up for the loss of his birthright, but it would be something. Isaac sent Esau to catch and cook up some game, after which, he would receive his blessing.

The crafty Rebekah was listening though and when Esau left, she told Jacob to get two young goats, which she would repair like Esau’s wild game. In addition to this subterfuge, Rebekah dressed Jacob in Esau’s clothing and draped his open areas with their hair. Esau being a hairy fellow this additional sneakiness was required.

Before Esau returned Jacob brought the prepared goats. His voice sounding different, the blind Isaac asked him point blank, “Are you really my son?” In response Jacob lied and said he was. Isaac then smells him to confirm now through touch, smell, and verbal questions that this is indeed Esau who is going to receive the blessing.

As soon as Isaac is done and Jacob leaves, Esau returns with the game prepared and ready. Esau is ready for his blessing but Isaac informs him the blessing has already been given to another and the blessing will stay as it is. Esau pleads with Isaac to bless him but Isaac informs him Jacob came deceitfully and took his blessing. Esau hated Jacob and decides to kill him when the period of mourning over the death of Isaac is over. Rebekah knows this and sends Jacob away until Esau’s anger abates.

This is the family line of Israel at its infancy. It is deceitful, conniving, and rotten. That is not good stock, yet God can take even the most terrible of people and accomplish greatness. If there is one note of comfort in this story it is that. Look what God does with this family and all of its warts, what do you think He could do with you and with me?

We see again. God fulfills prophecy. God is active and present and when He speaks, His will be done. We can take great comfort in that can’t we? Even if we screw things up and make a mess of things, God’s will be done. There is something very liberating in that. It really removes the pressure to get everything right because God will accomplish what He sets out to do. This frees us from concern and worry.

The Bible has so many stories that reach right into the human condition and show us our frailties and our errors. In so doing, those same stories also show us the greatness of God and how much God loves us and has compassion for us. We truly are blessed in Jesus to have eternal life. Thank you God for caring that much!

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