The Holy Seed At Risk

Ms. Peg had Genesis 20:1-18 assigned. In these passages Abraham informs Abimelech that Sarah is his sister, not his wife. In response to this, Abimelech takes Sarah and is going to make her his. God then responds and makes the women of the Negeb barren and the men unable to perform. Abimelech is visited in a dream by God and informed he is a dead man for taking the wife of another.

Abimelech appeals to God because he did not know Sarah and Abraham were married and the people are innocent because nothing was done between Abimelech and Sarah and it was a misunderstanding due to Abraham deception. Abimelech returns Sarah to Abraham in the morning and inquires why he would do such a thing, causing Abimelech to commit such a grave sin.

Abraham informs Abimelech he was afraid and worried for his life because there is no fear of God there and they would kill him for Sarah, or so he thought. Abimelech provides Abraham a thousand pieces of silver, sheep, oxen, and male and female servants to prove Sarah was untouched and undefiled and Abraham prays over Abimelech that he might be heals of the afflictions.

It is enough to make you wonder though, why would Abram do such a thing and what does this tell us today? Ms. Peg came up with some excellent ideas:

  1. We need to cleave to our marriage partners, not sacrifice them for our own safety.
  2. We need to trust in God. Our faith in Jesus makes our futures secure, why would we risk our spouse when our futures are secure already.
  3. God’s power was surely on display as he ensured Abimelech did not touch Sarah and this previously declared area without any fear of the Lord, now has great fear and respect.
  4. God is very charitable with us. Even when we screw up and put at risk His great plans with our foolishness, God is their to protect us and save the plans from our meddling.
  5. This is just another example of God being active in the lives of humans, as He was then, he still is today. A living God that cares and loves.

This is an excellent story and captures how mans fears put in jeopardy God’s plan to bring forth a special family through Abraham and Sarah. Had Abimelech touched Sarah, questions could have been raised regarding who the father of Isaac was. Thankfully, God interceded and secured Isaac from his parents mistake. How often has God done the same for each of us?

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