Bone of My Bones

Last night we had our first Story session centered on the women of the Bible. Setting it up I figured the best place to begin would be the beginning, so that is where we started. Ms. Caroline volunteered to tell the story of Gen 2: 15-25 and she did an exceptional job. One of the most insightful things she added was that almost everyone knows these stories. They are the stories of our youth and we all grow up hearing about them and learning them, and knowing them, but we generally do not really know them.

In this story the man names all the beasts of the field and the birds of the heavens, a great honor and privilege God gave to man. During this time God decided Adam needed a helper and so He made him fall into a deep sleep and removed one of his ribs. From that rib God made the first women and Adam says of this,

“This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, becoming one flesh.

What do we learn here, right from the beginning of the Bible?:

  • Man was not meant to go it alone. God designed and created woman and man to be together.
  • A man and woman leave their parents and cling to each other. This is a permanent relationship and when men and women are married they have to become each others number ones, making a clean break from their parents. Parents also need to realize they are no longer the primary authority figure either, they can still be wise counselors and available, but the husband and wife are each others number ones.
  • God designed this to be a heterosexual union, not a homosexual one.
  • God meant for one man and one woman to be together, not multiple partners outside of marriage.
  • When men try and fit every rib bone they can into their missing slot, they cheapen the covenant of marriage, lessen the sanctity of marriage, and rob their future wife of a wholesome union.
  • When women try and fit their rib into every mans slot they cheapen the covenant of marriage, lessen the sanctity of marriage, and rob their future husband of a wholesome union.
  • Much like it is in the Bible, we need to raise our children from an early age to understand their bodies are a Holy Temple and designed for one marriage partner to enjoy. Their bodies are not for their own carnal desires as our culture pushes them towards. Significant numbers of sins are easily avoided by ignoring this temptation.

Clearly, when God made Eve out of Adam, a lot was built into this union, by design. It is not a cheap thrill, a one-night stand, or a relationship designed for co-habitation outside of marriage. Our culture believes there are no ill effects by cheapening this bond, our society is living proof our culture is wrong.

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