Peace To You. Part Two

This past Tuesday our Storying group met to finish off the Story we started last week. This week the verses in question came from  John 20: 25-29. The real crux of this matter is Thomas not believing the other apostles regarding Jesus’ appearance because he has not seen Jesus with his own eyes.

Into this atmosphere the group is secluded again, but with Thomas this time. Jesus appears again and says, “Peace be with you.” Immediately Jesus tells Thomas to touch his wounds and believe, which he does, exclaiming, “My Lord and my God.”

In response Jesus says it is one thing for Thomas to have believed because he saw Jesus himself, but that people in the future will be blessed who have not seen and yet believed. Those people are us; as we are blessed to believe in Jesus as our Lord without the opportunity to see him. Isn’t it amazing how far God is willing to go for each and every single one of us? Jesus crosses that thresh hold to reach each of us, and we owe him our life for doing it.

Thank you Jesus for crossing the barrier to reach every believer. Your willingness to do this shows demonstrates your true love for the created.

One thought on “Peace To You. Part Two

  1. I truly think that believing and keeping faith without physical presence and sight seen…is the hardest for most people…Peace be with us all…Amen


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