Peace To You! Part One

“Peace to you!” The words for this weeks Story come from Luke 24: 36-43 and John 20: 19-25. Those words were uttered by Jesus as he returned from the dead and appeared to his disciples. They were caught off guard and frightened, a perfectly normal reaction if someone suddenly appears in your midst from out of no where and catches you by surprise.

What we have to remember is, these men just witnessed their leader die in front of them and are together discussing Jesus sudden appearance and journey with them on the road to Emmaus. Is it any surprise they found it incredible that Jesus could die such a horrible death and return from the dead to walk with them, talk with them, and even eat with them? Eventually showing the scarred hands and feet from his crucifixion as the evidence they needed to fully realize he had returned?

Would we respond differently had we been in their shoes? We probably would not have, but today, two thousand years removed, every single person that has believed and professed Jesus as Lord and Savior has not required the visual evidence. Instead they/we have taken it on faith that Jesus is who he said he is, and that is enough.

Just consider how wonderful that is? They did not believe, so that we would. If they had not required additional evidence to prove the resurrected Jesus was who he said he was, many people may not believe today. Thankfully we have witnesses to the fact that did not shy from attesting to what they saw and who Jesus is.

Thank you God for giving us this example of faith so we might believe also without having to touch the nail marks with our own hands!



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