Faith Rewarded

This week we had the treat of Ms. Caroline discussing the presentation of Jesus in the Temple after his circumcision in Luke 2: 22-38. This is a shorter story in Luke but important none the less. In it we see the faithfulness of God on display, while also seeing the faithfulness of other people being honored by God. In this way the story is refreshing because so many in our lives and our society think, “If there is a God he does not care about me or he definitely does not care about what is going on down here” and nothing could be further from the truth.

So, how does this story set the record straight in this regard? We see the faith of Mary and Joseph in bringing Jesus to the temple for dedication. In doing so, they are rewarded with the kind and prophetic words of two people, Simeon and Anna. Who are also rewarded for their faith in God by getting to see the infant Messiah. God worked his plan as only he can to bring all these people in contact and to bring us, two thousand years after the fact a story of faith and love we can also cherish.

We see in the story Simeon was promised he would not taste death until he saw the Messiah. Simeon lived a devout life and was a righteous man for many years in faith until one day, with the Holy Spirit upon him he sees Jesus and lifts Him into his arms and blessing God, informs the parents he is seeing salvation, a light of revelation for the gentiles and glory for Israel. Anna, an old widow that spent all her time in the tenple praying and fasting saw Jesus and gave thanks to God for all who were waiting for this child.

God rewarded Simeon and Anna’s faithfulness and in return they blessed Mary and Joseph, while praising God. It was a win, win, win, how often in life does that happen? Frequently when humans plans things we are lucky to get one win out of a deal. Frequently we do not even get that, we may just get some people that do not lose as often. In this case though, everyone is a winner, except those in the future that will not believe in the Son. God is good and God is faithful.


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