Can You Call It A Failure?

The enlisted man in me wants to call our effort today to serve the SISU racers and local community an abject failure. It is my personality to say when things do not go as planned, it must have been a miss. We put out the Welcome Banner and added a more colorful sign to the door and I made sure we had the nicest stretch of sidewalk in town. Things were looking great and I was excited.
We did lots of things right, I see that now. We prepped the facility early, we did dry runs and rehearsals for visitors, the coffee was ready an hour before people were scheduled to begin arriving, and one of our wonderful people made some awesome cookies.
And then the expected numbers did not materialize…
I realized as an enlisted man I should have been better. An officer probably could have gotten away with the land navigation mistake I made, but not an enlisted man. I thought the race finished on our stoop, but it actually finished 1.5 blocks to the south of our location… I missed the target!
Here is what happened and why as much as I want to call today a failure, it has the makings of a future success.
We did do a dry run for serving the community and adjusting the facility and it worked. This went off nicely. The 42 cup coffee maker works and it works like a champ. The facility was taken down from normal to community oriented in about thirty minutes and restored to normal condition in another thirty minutes. We had great participation again from the congregation, which is always wonderful to see.
Catalyst made one young man’s day and his mother very happy when he received a doll and I scared the tar out of of a racer by inviting him in. You should have seen it! Once he figured out we were a church, he took off running. I imagine he would have finished earlier if a church was chasing him on the trail… A young couple that lives downtown had some cookies, but no coffee and we saw some friends and shared cookies and coffee with them too.
So my vision of grandeur did not materialize. Oh man, I had a great vision. Our building chalk full of people drinking coffee and eating cookies in a church facility that would normally not enter one. Our members and the strangers mingling and laughing and the local newspaper catching all the details and showing a huge picture of Catalyst right on the front page, even before the race results, as the surprise participant and champion.
It did not happen that way, but it was a success anyways for the reasons up above. Sometimes you hit it out of the park and the fireworks go off. Sometimes Randy Johnson drills you in the ribs and the next hitter gets to bring you home. Either way, we served the Lord today, and maybe next time our efforts to serve the community will be more successful because of this effort.

One thought on “Can You Call It A Failure?

  1. And that’s the only way to look at it…as a positive move in the right direction…hard work doesn’t always come when we want…but it will come when the good lord is ready…All you did is prepare for that coming…


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