Are You Dodging the Phone?

It seems whomever had our home phone number before us, ran up a lot of bills. I say this because we receive between 5-8 collection calls/day. Our phone rings at all the most inopportune times.

Did you just grab a bag of chips and some dip? Are your fingers covered in chip grease? A collection agency is about to call. Are you in the middle of doing the dishes, all dolled up in dish washing gloves and maybe even an apron, they call again. Are you going into, already inside, or coming out of the bathroom, yep they call again. How about just dozing and taking a nap, perfect time for a collection agency to call.

I have to say, it seems like they have some kind of hidden camera in our house watching us. I know our government does not want the competition at peaking into my privacy, but how else do they know when to call? If I sat and stared at the phone for an hour waiting for them to call, do you think they would?

Stephanie had been doing an excellent job of blocking all their numbers, but they just keep changing. We had a lull for about a month, after about four months of steadily blocking them where it had tapered off to only a call or two a day, but it has picked up again. While I am sitting at my desk working at sermon prep or actually writing the weekly sermon, I can expect at least two, but more like three to even four calls on occasion before I leave the desk.

It was so bad we were hesitant to pick up the phone because they are not after us and I do not want to be mean. The problem is they are relentless and they are 100% in error and it does not matter. The same company calls every single day asking for the same two people every single day, multiple times/day. We have told them we are not them many times. We have contacted their business via email and over the phone to inform them we are not them and it does not matter. They say they will remove us and then they call right back.

To say we were frustrated and unhappy with this situation would not even come close, until last week. Last week I decided or maybe I finally realized these may be opportunities for me to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with another person. How could I miss this obvious opportunity and then I realized that is why no one ever called me a genius. When this became my mind set though, I stopped dreading the phone ringing and began looking forward to it. For instance right now, I am sitting here with the phone right next to me waiting for it, hoping it would ring again.

When they call me now I begin asking questions. Questions like:

  • If you were to die today, would you go to heaven?
  • How do you know?
  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
  • Why not?
  • Are you ready too?
  • What church do you go to?

If they seem reluctant to answer, I inform them they did not call me by mistake. I let them know they called me because God put my number in their spreadsheet. What we are having is a God prepared discussion on their Lord and Savior and this is their chance to make a decision. When they are standing before the throne they will not be able to claim they never had the chance after we finish talking. The callers are going to make a decision, they will either accept life, or they will experience death.

It is that simple.

I would like to ask every single person that believes in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior to stop dreading the phone and view it as a chance to share the Gospel. You may be the first person to tell them about Jesus or you may be the last, just make sure you do.



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