Catalyst Storying Around the Fire

Catalyst hosted a Bible Study on 17 Nov. 2015 and did something new. Catalyst may be the only church in the area engaged in the oral transmission of the Bible and in so doing has linked itself to the past and is part of the wonderful future. The group has begun a Storying Bible Study on Tuesday nights with Pastor Ian being the first in the chute. Storying is an open Bible Study, so guests and newcomers are welcome to attend. The initial story focused on Jesus call of four disciples from Matthew and Luke.

The group circled around an imaginary fire and roasted some non-existent marshmallows and truly got into storying. There is nothing like sitting around a fire to tell a story. Following the story there followed a lively discussion where some real breakthroughs were made as the “story” has become part of each one of the people present. They all can certainly tell the same story to others and in so doing, this section of the Bible has come alive to oral tradition.